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The First Authentic Mexican Restaurant in the Area

La Michoacana Mexican Restaurant began as a little store and was the first of its kind in the area. Established in 2000, Simón opened La Michoacana Mini-Market with only 10 piñatas, 50 CDs, a bunch of phone cards to call internationally and a few other items. 


When Simón arrived from Michoacán, Mexico to Spokane in 1998, he noticed the lack of diversity and representation in the area. As a way to stay connected to his roots and support his community, he opened the mini-market. Little did he know, that it would become a successful family restaurant and everything La Michoacana is today.


After opening the store, his customers began talking about the lack of authentic Mexican food in Spokane. Simón, being passionate about the growing Latino community and the kitchen, ventured into starting the restaurant, offering authentic Mexican food, some of which were traditional dishes from Michoacán. 

Years later, the restaurant became a family business when he married the beautiful Marbelys and had a daughter. Simón's biggest motivations to keep going are his passion to serve the community and, more importantly, his love for his family. 

Today, La Michoacana is a one-stop shop, from dining, catering, to shopping at the mini-market with great product selections from Central America. You can also get some delicious Mexican pan dulce at the bakery and shop at our meat & deli.

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